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  Employment Law

This information is provided for educational and guidance purposes only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice nor to substitute the need for legal counsel. Entire contents Copyright 2006. Martin James O'Connell.

Employment Law in Ohio: Citations to Statutes and Cases and SERB Decisions

Employment-At-Will in Ohio (Article)  ("Can I be fired for no reason at all?")

Adverse Employment Actions in Ohio (Article)

Employee or Not?  The Legal Tests (Chart)

The Employment Law Quiz - Test Your Knowledge!

Discrimination Laws (Summary)

The following citations to the law are indicative of how the Courts have decided such controversies or legal questions and are representative of the types of litigation for which we have represented our clients. 


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Employment Law in Ohio: Citations to Statutes and Cases and SERB Decisions

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
ADA Definition: "Disability"
Ohio Definition: "Disability"
ADA Definition: "Discriminate"
ADA Definition: "Major life activities"
ADA Definition: "Otherwise Qualified"
ADA Definition: "Substantially Limits"
ADA Definition: "Substantially Limits" with respect to "Working"
Adverse Employment Actions
Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
Constructive Discharge
Discrimination - Age
Discrimination - Age - Ohio Statutes
Discrimination - Applicable Law
Discrimination - Direct Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence
Discrimination - Disability - Failure to Accommodate
Discrimination - Disability - Prima Facie Case
Discrimination - Disability - To State A Claim
Discrimination - Discriminatory Remarks
Discrimination - Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment
Discrimination - Employment - General - McDonnell Douglas Framework
Discrimination - Hostile or abusive work environment.
Discrimination - Pregnancy
Discrimination - Religious Belief - Employment
Discrimination - Religious Belief - Public Accommodation
Discrimination - Sex - Harassment
Disparate Treatment
Equal Pay Act
FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act
FMLA Interference Claim
FMLA - Interfering With
FMLA Retaliation Claim
Labor Law - Superseniority
Negligent Hiring, Retention
Non-Compete Clause
Retaliation - Proof
Reverse Discrimination
Sexual Harassment - Actionable Conduct - Environment
Sexual Harassment - Co-Worker
Sexual Harassment - Hostile Work Environment
Sexual Harassment - Quid Pro Quo
Title VII (of the Civil Rights Act)
Workers Compensation - Compensable Injury
Workers Compensation - "Arising Out Of"
Workers Compensation - "In the Course Of"
Workers Compensation - "Zone of Employment"
Balancing Test
Last Best Offer
Mid-Term Bargaining
Past practice or custom
Ultimate Impasse
Unilateral Change - Duty to Bargain
Unilateral Change - Duty to Bargain Threshold







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